How You Can Build an Affluent Business (Free online workshop)

In many respects building an affluent business is more accessible than ever before; indeed, many people are doing precisely that. The truth is you already have knowledge and expertise in your field – and if you’re reading this then you’re probably highly motivated too. So why can’t you build a successful business? Obviously you can! […]

The Death of Negative Gearing? (Free online workshop)

There are some huge changes proposed for how investment property is taxed. The truth is I’m a bit worried how little is understood about the impacts of these changes are what they could mean for investors. I’ve compressed everything you need to know into this must-see 45-minute free workshop which you can watch below. P.S. […]

Is Property Still a Good Investment? (Free online workshop)

At the end of every property cycle it seems that the asset class is due to be dead and buried for ever more. Will property markets really underperform for years to come? I’ve compressed my views into a neat 45-minute free workshop for you which you can watch below. P.S. Whenever you’re ready here are a […]

How Soon Can You Quit Your Job? (Free online workshop)

Lots of people dream of investing their way to financial independence, quitting their job, and starting their own business, so they can live life on their own terms. I’ve been helping my clients to do exactly that for years. I put together a free online workshop to explain exactly how it can be done. P.S. Whenever […]